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  1.   New York Goes To Hollywood | Episode 105 | Bonus Clips

    Watch bonus scenes and extras from New York's time in the studio with Little Jackie!

    Air Date: 9/01/08

  2.   New York Goes To Hollywood | Episode 105 | Highlights

    Watch as New York and Little Jackie try to make musical magic in the studio!

    Air Date: 9/01/08

Full Episode Summary

It's a brand new day for New York but Sister P is still an ominous presence hovering over her career. New York is awakened by a phone call from her manager, who makes New York aware that today she is doing back up vocals for an R&B group and lessons with a vocal coach, stressing the importance of a celebrity to have cross-over ability. New York's assistant calls in sick, there's a cab ride from hell to the lesson, and New York has to perform weird vocal exercises. Later, Sister P has an altercation with the recording artists which threatens to destroy New York's cross-over career before it even has a chance to begin. New York is forced to make a decision on the role her mother is plays in her acting career.