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  1.   Episode 6 Bonus Clips

    See more hilarious arguments between New York and Lizza and other moments of emotional (in) stability in these bonus scenes.

    Air Date: 9/08/08

  2.   Talk Show Appearance Show Clips

    After diving head first into acting New York receives a surprise visit. Watch this!

    Air Date: 9/08/08

Full Episode Summary

The past comes back to haunt New York as she starts her day with a phone call in an attempt to salvage a past romantic relationship and the conversation has a seemingly nasty finality. Also, New York's manager calls with the intent of putting her on the Chelsea Lately show. Anxiety grows, as New York dreads the questions that Chelsea Handler will ask. Later, New York's acting coach drops a bomb on New York, revealing an impending Shakespeare showcase and romance threatens to cloud her priorities as New York and her acting partner attempt to rehearse in an all too romantic setting. Finally, a surprise visit from the past further tests New York's ability to focus on her acting career and keep it from derailing.