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  1.   Finale Bonus Clips

    Check out these bonus scenes from the final episode of New York Goes to Hollywood!

    Air Date: 9/22/08

  2.   Most Awesome Moments

    Relive some of the greatest moments from season 1 and check out crazy cat-fights, meltdowns and lots and lots of cleavage.

    Air Date: 9/25/08

  3.   The Big Break Show Clips

    New York faces big auditions and huge decisions in Hollywood. Check out the finale!

    Air Date: 9/22/08

Full Episode Summary

In the New York Goes To Hollywood finale, New York's past continues to threaten to destroy the emergence of Tiffany the actress. The romance between New York and her acting partner further complicates an already overwhelming decision when New York is forced to finally decide between taking the hopeful yet unpredictable future of "Tiffany Pollard: Actress" and the assured, secure, bankable persona of "New York," the reality personality.