1. Date: 9/22/08

    In the New York Goes To Hollywood finale, NY's past continues to threaten to destroy the emergence of Tiffany the actress.

  2. Date: 9/15/08

    New York's surprise visitor adds fuel to the fury that is New York, threatening to drag her away from her career path as Tiffany the aspiring actress.

  3. Date: 9/8/08

    The past comes back to haunt New York as she starts her day with a phone call in an attempt to salvage a past romantic relationship and the conversation has a seemingly nasty finality.

  4. Date: 9/1/08

    New York is awakened by a phone call from her manager, who makes New York aware that today she is doing back up vocals for an R&B group.

  5. Date: 8/25/08

    New York's assistant is late...again! Slightly perturbed, New York takes a call from her manager regarding an In Touch photo shoot that he set up at her house.

  6. Date: 8/18/08

    New York learns that you have to give a little to get a little when her new manager sets her up with a spec commercial for a Japanese energy drink.

  7. Date: 8/11/08

    New York finally gets a meeting with a prospective manager, Chuck Binder. Chuck sends her on her first series of auditions, where she gets her first dose of criticism from casting directors.

  8. Date: 8/4/08

    New York is ready to give her acting career a shot, so she heads west to her new Hollywood home. To kick off her career she throws a small Hollywood party, but what caliber of stars will show up?