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  1.   Worst Jobs and Funniest Moments!

    See the irascible Ms. Tiffany Pollard grease bare bottoms, wrestle pigs and other unpleasant tasks in this collection of clips from New York Goes to Work.

    Air Date: 7/16/09

  2.   Finale Bonus Clips

    Check out all the pre-fight trash talking that went down between New York and Mr. Boston in these bonus clips!

    Air Date: 6/29/09

  3.   Boxer Show Clips

    The H.B.I.C. steps into the ring to face off against one of her long standing rivals. Find out who New York will fight!

    Air Date: 7/02/09

Full Episode Summary

New York is back and looking for work! New York is going to fight for her money and train like a professional boxer. Will she be battling Pumkin, her former co-worker on the Pig Farm Bryan, or Mr. Boston? Watch the episode to find out if she is up to the challenge because if she is successful in her new job, she'll win $10,000.