Full Episode Summary

Torrie Jackson, a 28-year-old former gang member and drug dealer in Los Angeles who is trying to go straight. Torrie's girlfriend Keisha originally contacted Master P. She's at the end of her rope. Torrie doesn't have a job to help support their children. At times they've found themselves homeless. She fears for what kind of life their kids will have if Torrie keeps gangbanging. If Torrie doesn't shape up, Keisha will leave him.

Enter Master P. He puts Torrie through his self-styled boot camp for personal transformation, focused on eliminating all the excuses holding him back. No transportation? P's got an answer for that. Hard to get hired if you're an ex-felon? P's got an answer for that, too. Can't figure out how to get an education to further your goal of becoming a professional chef? No excuses Torrie!

With a series of hard--and sometimes embarrassing--lessons about how to do things the right way, Master P is a motivator like no other.

Will Master P be able to get his message through to Torrie? Find out on No Excuses.