Off Pitch

about Off Pitch

In Wisconsin, where show choir is religion, The Grand River Singers is truly one of a kind. Each year, they host the Grand River National Show Choir Invitational in Wisconsin and get the prime spot as the featured non-competing performance group. This year, however, they plan to take their show beyond small-town La Crosse and onto a much larger stage... like the Wisconsin Cow Chip Festival, Valleyfair Theme Park and the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Cliques, relationships, jealousy and love blend together in this largely talented yet completely dysfunctional family. And while it may seem like the fighting never ends, at the end of the day everyone generally kisses and makes up because tomorrow is another performance and another chance to shine. Plus several members of the group live together, so in the interest of home-life bliss, sometimes apologies have to be made in order to keep the peace.

Will they be able to set aside their differences, raise enough money to travel and perform before the largest audiences they've ever known? Or will their egos get in the way of their dreams? Harmony, talent and friendship have never been more OFF PITCH.