1. Rob is the flamboyant, larger-than-life, co-director and choreographer of GRS. An ex-theme park and cruise line performer, Rob is very comfortable being in the spotlight, which may explain why he's always figuring out new ways to put himself into...  Read More

  2. Tim is the co-founder and musical director of GRS. Everyone loves him yet fears him at the same time. He is the general manager at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites in La Crosse and has a short fuse...especially with Rob, his partner of 7 years and...  Read More

  3. Greg is the baby of the group and, typical of the youngest child, he likes to get his way. He thinks he deserves every male solo and pouts like a toddler if he doesn't get it. A talented singer with absolutely no social filter, he always manages to...  Read More

  4. Marcia is the goofball of GRS -- talented, wacky, and never shy about making a fool of herself. However, underneath all the silliness, she has low self-esteem and hides it by trying to make her friends laugh. Marcia is one of the better singers in...  Read More

  5. Josh embodies the true spirit of GRS while wearing his heart on his sleeve. His bubbly personality makes everyone laugh, but he can also be over-the-top at times. Originally from New York, he moved to Wisconsin to help care for his ailing...  Read More

  6. Aubrey is a social butterfly and a bit of a tease. She went to a conservative Catholic high school and has been making up for it ever since. She loves to party and flirts shamelessly with Josh, another GRS member who has a big crush on her. She...  Read More

  7. Liv is the girl next door who moved to the big city of La Crosse from a small town of only 9,000 people. She is opinionated and outgoing, but underneath she has insecurities about her looks and can be super sensitive if anyone says anything negative...  Read More

  8. Vanessa is the self-proclaimed diva of GRS and admits to also being somewhat of a b****. A talented singer, Vanessa deviously goes about trying to get her pipes on every solo she can, which really annoys the other girls in the group.

  9. A college student majoring in Elementary Education, Molly K. is the show choir glamazon of the group. She is one of the best dancers in GRS and can do splits like nobody's business. She's best friends with Liv and is shy compared to the other more...  Read More

  10. Molly J. is the tomboy of the group. She holds down several jobs, including spraying for mosquitoes in the woods of Wisconsin, all while pursuing degrees in Spanish and music and being a part of GRS. Molly J. has a mouth on her and isn't shy to use...  Read More

  11. Kayla is large and in charge and doesn't let anything stand in her way. Although she's one of the youngest members of the group, she has the soulful voice of someone much older. She attends college for music while still living at home with mom and...  Read More

  12. Nick is the male dance captain for the group this year and tends to be the voice of reason. His best friend, Marcia, is head-over-heels in love with him and the two are inseparable. He has been in the group for several years and is everyone's best...  Read More

  13. Jon has the raw materials to become a big star. He's one of the better performers in the group due to his expressive face and overly animated personality. He's currently coming to terms with his own sexuality. While Jon often tries to convince the...  Read More

  14. Drew is a simple guy and lives for three things - show choir, comic books, and girls with big boobs. He can tell you anything about WWE and Glee, and he never forgets a note or dance step. Drew knows all the choreography to Michael Jackson's...  Read More

  15. Malachi dresses like a hip hop artist and is just too cool for school. New to the group last year, he recently worked as a theme park performer, which causes him to act as if he is WAY better than everyone else in the group. Malachi's arrogance...  Read More

  16. Erin fancies herself as the old lady of the group even though she is only 33. Due to her motherly persona, Erin constantly turns down invitations to party with the group because she feels that they are too immature. She spent four years in GRS and...  Read More

  17. Justin is a Broadway star in the making. New to GRS, Justin is the talented, nice guy of the group who is very well liked. He is in a relationship with Eric, another new member to GRS. Justin's greatest rival is Greg, due to their similar tonal...  Read More

  18. Eric juggles being in other singing groups, a full-time college schedule, and being a member of GRS. He insists that he is the easy-going guy of the group, but his actions say otherwise. He is not afraid to take on Tim and Rob if he thinks there is...  Read More

  19. Steven is an expert on everything...or so he says. A self-proclaimed "professional", he always has an opinion on how GRS is run, which doesn't sit will with the rest of the group. Steven says he tries hard to fit in and make friends, but no one is...  Read More

  20. Samantha is a new member of GRS and fully admits that disaster follows her wherever she goes. She is always on the verge of being cut from GRS because A) she is never on time B) she misses many performances and C) she has an excuse for everything....  Read More

  21. As the stage manager for the Grand River Singers, Scott enjoys nothing more than keeping the cast in line and on time. Although he secretly wishes he was performing with the group, Scott has his sights set on bigger goals...such as becoming a...  Read More