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  1.   Episode 1 Bonus Clips

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    Air Date: 2/14/10

Full Episode Summary

In the premiere episode of 'Peak Season', relationships are put to the test in Whistler where loyalty must compete with parties and temptation.

As the series begins in Whistler, BC, Amanda's suspicions are aroused when her DJ boyfriend Dré announces that he won't be joining her for a weekend getaway. Newly single Lauren vows to stay that way and enjoy a drama-free existence -- a vow that is shattered on her first girls' night out when she encounters both her ex-bf Scoot and a local girl who has been spreading rumours about her. Matt, spending his first season in Whistler, is reunited with his Australian girlfriend Elle, who arrives for a visit and immediately questions how faithful Matt has remained during his time in this wild resort town without her. Amanda returns from her trip and is startled to find Dré moving out of their apartment.