Ep Type Title Date
  107  Bonus Clips  Episode 7 Bonus Clips 2/22/10 
  109  Bonus Clips  Episode 9 Bonus Clip 2/22/10 
  110  Bonus Clips  Episode 10 Bonus Clips 2/22/10 
  105  Bonus Clips  Episode 5 Bonus Clip 2/18/10 
  104  Bonus Clips  Episode 4 Bonus Clips 2/17/10 


  1. Date: 2/24/10

    As the season comes to end with the popular Ski & Snowboard Festival, Lauren's mom arrives in Whistler and expresses concern over the choices that her daughter is making. Steph Just,...Read Full Summary

  2. Date: 2/23/10

    A dead-broke Steph Just has her career rejuvenated when she gets an influx of new sponsors just in time to compete in the season-ending Ski and Snowboard Festival. But the good news quickly turns...Read Full Summary

  3. Date: 2/22/10

    Amanda juggles three different guys, Elle decides to leave Whistler and Lauren has a drunken fight with Scoot at the bar.


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About Peak Season

"Peak Season" is an original half-hour docudrama series that takes an unfiltered look at the lives, loves and adventures of a tight-knit group of young people in Whistler, BC.

"Peak Season" offers a unique glimpse beneath the sparkling surface of this jewel of a resort town, to reveal the raw, real-life drama that unfolds amid the breathtaking scenery. Featuring a diverse and dynamic cast, the series delivers a potent blend of drama, action, romance and comedy, as they follow their hearts and chase their dreams, with each of their stories unfolding during the frenetic pace of peak season.