Real and Chance: The Legend Hunters

about Real and Chance: The Legend Hunters

Man has always been fascinated with Nature's Animal Tales. Some are real - the man eating Catfish of the Kali River, The Mega Shark, Hogzilla, Super Crocs, and the Giant Squid. Some may be only myth - Bigfoot, The Chupacabrah, the Loch Ness Monster, and The Yeti. But two men believe in the stories and they intend to find them all. Their names... Real and Chance.

That's right, Real and Chance - Lovers, Horse breeders, recording artists, Stallionaires. Neither of them are scientists, nor investigators. But despite their claims to the contrary, they're no outdoorsmen either. They're scared of bugs, bats, frogs, and almost anything that slithers or crawls. They can't take a fish off a hook because slimy things scare them. But they are believers. Sit them down with a Bigfoot expert or a group of locals who claim to have seen their loved one eaten by a catfish and they will not only believe their tales, but they'll talk about the creatures as if they've seen them themselves.

They can't use a compass, set up a tent, or build a fire. Yes, it's true that the only plant they can identify is the kind that comes rolled up in a zip loc baggie. But, these boys do have heart and an unchecked desire to discover things that freak them out.

Each week, Real and Chance will go in search of a new creature, from the giant bat of Sweden to Hogzilla of Alabama. After arriving in these new lands, the brothers will learn about the animal mission they are about to embark on. They will meet with experts and the locals who have reported sightings or even come in contact with these animals themselves. But will they be able to focus on the hot Swedish girl's details of her bat sighting or will they be distracted by the beautiful "sighting" in front of them?

After learning about the creature, and after the experts convince them to stop freaking out, they will have to learn some fundamental skills in order to aid them in their hunt. For the Komodo Dragon they will have to learn how to read his tracks, for the Capybara they will be taught how to set up a net trap, and for the Giant Squid they will learn how to swim...or at least how to doggie paddle better with life jackets.

Armed with their new hunting skills, Real and Chance will then travel to remote destinations, set up camp, and attempt to accumulate evidence and try to hunt or trap the creature. The legends are out there. Can these guys find them? Probably not. But it'll be fun to watch them try.