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  1.   Episode 1 Bonus Clips

    Everyone's favorite brothers are back and looking for some romance! Watch this week's hilarious extras!

    Air Date: 10/20/08

  2.   Love is in the Stallion-Air Show Clips

    The Stallionaires are back and lookin' for love! Watch as they meet the ladies and break a few hearts.

    Air Date: 10/20/08

Full Episode Summary

Real and Chance are back and they're looking for love again, but this time they'll be ones doing the eliminating. The two brothers show up to find 17 lovely ladies waiting outside of their mansion. After the traditional nickname ceremony, they proceed to a back yard mixer where they get to know the girls a little better. Personalities pop and things heat up as some girls gravitate toward the sensitive brother, while others go after the hot-headed player. In the end the two brothers pick from the pool of girls, dodge-ball style until they have 7 girls each. Unfortunately for 3 girls, however, the ride is over before it begins.