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  1.   Episode 2 Bonus Clips

    Check out hilarious bonus scenes from Real and Chance's time in the studio with their girls!

    Air Date: 10/27/08

  2.   Don't Cross Me Bra! Show Clips

    Are these brothers switching ladies? Check out this episode for some sibling rivalry and love!

    Air Date: 10/27/08

Full Episode Summary

The brothers have the girls put on a county fair for them, but the one booth that Real is the most interested in, belongs to one of Chance's girls! Later on, when Chance, spying from his bedroom window, catches Real putting the moves on his woman, he decides to go after one of his brother's girls to get back at him. When the girl wants nothing to do with Chance, he makes up a lie about her to Real! Will blood prove to be thicker than the truth?