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  1.   Episode 3 Bonus Clips

    This week's extras include wicked fights, psycho girls and touching words from Chance and Real.

    Air Date: 11/03/08

  2.   Slam, Bam, Thank You Ma'am Show Clips

    Are you ready for a smackdown, Stallionaire style? The girls show their love by fighting for their guys, on the mat, and in the house!

    Air Date: 11/03/08

Full Episode Summary

Because professional wrestling is one of the Stallionaires' favorite forms of entertainment, the guys decide to have the girls put on wrestling matches. After the ladies slam and drop kick each other to the brother's content, the winning team is taken on a date to the fishing hole. While there, one of Chance's girls proves to be "too much" sexually, getting down and dirty with him, even in front of little children and families! Things blow up on Real's side, as well, when one his girls accuses another being a lesbian and hitting on her. Strap in for this one!