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  1.   Episode 4 Bonus Clips

    Check out all the down and dirty bonus scenes from this week's "Real Chance of Love."

    Air Date: 11/10/08

  2.   Who Wants to be a Stallionaire Show Clips

    These guys need a "Stallionette" that can handle their lifestyle. Watch this week's episode!

    Air Date: 11/10/08

Full Episode Summary

The Stallionaires are looking for a woman who can be part of the family and take care of business. When the girls arrive at the family ranch, they come to realize that their job is to restore order to a barn that is in utter chaos. Chickens, Geese, Pigs, Goats, Horses, Cows, Donkeys and even a Lama run wild, and the girls must use their ranch hand skills to regain order. Later, one of the girls shows her true crazy side and possibly buys herself a one way ticket home.