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  1.   Episode 6 Bonus Clips

    There's something for everyone in this week's extras: action, romance and comedy plus some adorable pictures of the wee Stallionaires!

    Air Date: 11/24/08

  2.   From One Brother to Another Show Clips

    The ladies prove their automobile know how during this week's challenge. Find out what they're doing!

    Air Date: 11/24/08

Full Episode Summary

The Stallionaires are into their cars, and the challenge of the day is to pimp out some rides for the brothers. Girls from the winning team get a private, drive-in date with the brothers, at the top of the Griffith Park. But when Real picks one of Chance's girls, the other girls and Chance are shocked. On the date, Chance becomes extremely jealous, and he continuously tries to ruin any possibility of a romantic connection between Real and the girl. Will Chance be able to talk his ex-girl back over to his side? Meanwhile, Real's girls become jealous of one woman they consider to be an old cougar, with whom Real has a strange and powerful connection. When the girls attack her, she slips with private information about Real and gets herself in hot water.