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  1.   Episode 8 Bonus Clips

    Find out who girl melts down, who has "girl" issues and what Chance really think about Rabbit!

    Air Date: 12/08/08

  2.   Ride or Die Show Clips

    There's seven girls left and the Stallionaires want to figure out who will be their ride or die lady!

    Air Date: 12/08/08

Full Episode Summary

The guys decide to take the girls out for a night on the town for some drinks. When a random guy hits on one of Chance's girls, he becomes irritated. A fight breaks out moments later between the brothers and the fellow, and Real breaks a bottle over the man's head. Chaos ensues, and the girls are escorted out of the bar. Nervous and crying, the girls arrive back at the house to find police officers waiting there to question them. One at a time, the girls are interrogated, but who will hold up under questioning and who will sell there man down the river?