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  1.   Episode 10 Bonus Clips

    Even more fights and falls! Plus: Milf unhinged!

    Air Date: 12/29/08

  2.   The Parent Trap, Part II Show Clips

    Face it, you'll never be a Stallionaire! This week the stakes get higher as 6 become 4!

    Air Date: 12/29/08

Full Episode Summary

Continuing on the heels of a massive fight, an angry mob of girls marches into the guys' villa, and reveals shocking information about one of the other girls. When Real comes to learn that all the trouble is coming from his favorite girl, he is forced with a tough decision and must decide whether his connection with her is strong enough to overcome the drama she causes. The following day Chance takes his ladies out on a date with the parents. Conversations get heated and the real personalities begin to appear in front of Chance's parents. Going into elimination the outcome is uncertain; one girl's relationship with both the brothers has been exposed, and another girls aggression has surfaced. One more girl is sent home and 4 remaining will be off to Puerto Rico.