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  1.   Reunion Bonus Clips

    You won't believe the insanity you didn't see on TV. Check out these extras!

    Air Date: 1/26/09

  2.   Reunion Highlights

    Catch up with Real, Chance, Corn Fed and all the other girls and find out about their experience of the show and what they're up to now.

    Air Date: 1/26/09

Full Episode Summary

It's been three months since Real and Chance risked it all in their quest to find true love.

On the final night in Puerto Rico, one brother chose a woman with whom he hoped to spend the rest of his life, while the other broke the hearts of two finalists, each of whom hoped that they had a Real Chance of Love with him.

On the reunion show, Real, Chance and all of the women will gather to relive the highs and lows of a season that changed their lives forever.

Along the way, voices will be raised; tears will be shed and Real will be reunited with his choice to see if their love has survived.