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  1.   Episode 10 Bonus Clips

    Watch uncensored bonus footage from the latest episode!

    Air Date: 10/12/09

  2.   Episode 10 Show Clips

    Real and Chance introduce the girls to their parents. Watch what happens!

    Air Date: 10/12/09

Full Episode Summary

The guys have narrowed it down to their top three choices in females, and now it's time for the toughest test of love yet. The girls will have to get to know the guys' folks, and they soon find out who has the best poker face when it comes to meeting mom and dad. The ladies are poised for the parents, but beneath the surface, tension is brewing and the women soon find out its easier to please dad than mom. After accompanying the guys on dates with their parents, one of the ladies becomes convinced that there is more than meets the eye with a supposed favorite, and she is determined to uncover the truth about who is hiding something and who is there for Real.