1. The most listened to doctor in America, Dr. Drew is the host of the nationally syndicated radio show Loveline where he has been taking calls from listeners since 1983, and in 2011 he launched his own shown aptly titled Dr. Drew on CNN Headline News....  Read More

  2. Dr. John Sharp is a seasoned medical professional, board certified psychiatrist, best selling author, and media expert. He is on faculty at the Harvard Medical School and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, dividing his time between Boston...  Read More

  3. Shelly is a Residential Treatment Technician and a Certified Chemical Dependency Councilor with sixteen years of sobriety. Once again she takes on the difficult job of running the rehab floor.

  4. Bob Forrest is Dr. Drew's right hand man, and he has served as his Head Counselor and Program Manager for many years. Bob is a Certified Addiction Specialist who has been in recovery for more than fourteen years. Once again Bob joins Dr. Drew as a...  Read More

  5. Jenn Gimenez is a model and actress. She has appeared in music videos for Tupac Shakur, Babyface and Mick Jagger as well on the big-screen in films such as Blow, Vanilla Sky, and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. As a recovering addict herself,...  Read More

  6. Will is often referred to as the muscle of the unit, and when a patient acts out, he is often the one that restores order on the floor. Will is a registered councilor and Residential Technician, as well as a recovering addict with more than nine...  Read More

  7. Eric is a twenty-four-year-old from South Boston. He has a love affair with heroin and an obsession with needles. When he doesn't have drugs, he will shoot water into his veins. His family feels helpless over his condition. Even his Aunt, who's a...  Read More

  8. Twenty-five-year-old Drewbee is a talented musician who believes that the one thing holding him back is his addiction. He started touring when he was fifteen-years-old, but after getting into drugs his dreams of making it big went down the drain....  Read More

  9. Jasmen has been addicted to alcohol for the past ten years and she drinks a twenty-four pack of beer a day. After a difficult childhood, she left home when she was just fifteen-years-old and became an exotic dancer. For Jasmen, dancing and...  Read More

  10. Thirty-one-year-old Ashleigh drinks a liter of vodka a day and she's been to the hospital for kidney failure and other alcohol related illnesses more than ten times within the past year. If she stops drinking she has seizures, and doctors tell her...  Read More

  11. Twenty-year-old Michael is an all American kid who's reckless partying led him to a forty bag a day heroin habit. He always told his friends not to do drugs, until two years ago when he succumb to peer pressure and has been an addict ever since. ...  Read More

  12. Erika is a twenty-two-year-old model with a severe addiction to cocaine. The pursuit of a modeling career led her down a dark path in Hollywood, surrounding her with older men that take advantage of her and feed her drugs. Erika feels that is she...  Read More

  13. Twenty-three-year-old Deanna loves any opiate she can get her hands on, but she prefers shooting heroin and uses up to twenty bags a day. To pay for her drug habit, Deanna has reluctantly resorted to escorting, and she wants to get sober so she can...  Read More

  14. Forty-three-year-old Heather has lived the life of a rock star and been addicted to various drugs her entire adult life, but now that she's reached middle age, she finds herself alone without a family or career. Over the past nine months she has...  Read More