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    Remy Ma

    Hip hop’s femme fatale, Remy Ma is known for her impressive rhyme skill, wit, sarcasm and impeccable delivery on hit records “Lean Back” and “All the Way Up” -- just to name two. Born Reminisce Smith, the Grammy Award-nominated rapper grew up in the rugged Castle Hill Projects of the Bronx, NY, where friend Big Pun introduced her to Fat Joe and her rap career exploded. Remy prides herself on her ability to perform as a lady with a ‘flow’ that can challenge any man on the mic. Her 15 years in the industry has garnered her lifelong fans that go by “Remy Mafia” and a cool 5.9 million Instagram followers. Remy is a well-respected hip-hop great whose comeback story is nothing short of epic. And now, sitting at the top of the rap game, Remy is focused on her family and delivering on her promise to her husband Papoose by adding another chance at motherhood to her to-do list.

    And, man, is that to-do list long. She's currently working on a new album, managing numerous TV guest appearances, working on getting her older kids out of the nest and, after multiple attempts at IVF, being pregnant again for the first time in 18 years! Can Remy juggle motherhood and her career? Or will this multitasking maven finally be confined to bed rest?

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    Rapper Shamele Mackie was nicknamed Papoose by his grandmother. Born and raised in Bedford- Stuyvesant, Papoose represents Brooklyn to the fullest and came into the game through his connections to rapper Kool G Rap. Papoose has been in the rap game for nearly 20 years, maintaining a steady career with features on mixtapes with DJ Kay Slay. Already having children and a rap career, Papoose wanted more. Always a family man and sweetheart, Papoose knew he wanted to marry Remy from the first time they met. Since tying the knot years ago, Papoose has become even more adored and is respected for who he is as a husband. The two are #RelationshipGoals and have been praised for their #BlackLove, setting an example for others in the hip-hop community.

    Papoose and Remy have been actively trying for years to have a baby -- their first together as a couple -- and now that she’s finally pregnant, Pap is taking being a doting dad to the extreme. Much to the dismay of the older kids in the Mackie household, Pap has even started calling the new baby his “golden child.” Now, it’s up to Pap to prove his fatherhood skills by juggling the new baby and his relationships with his older kids. Can he ensure that the baby brings the family together? Or will it cause a Mackie family meltdown?

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    Selfie queen and eldest Mackie child Dejay is daddy’s little girl. She adores her dad Papoose and is the self-proclaimed leader of “Remy Mafia” on Instagram. Dejay has a close relationship with her siblings Jace and Shamele, as well as with her stepmother Remy, whom she lives with. Papoose instilled a sentiment of “family first” and “loyalty” in Dejay, which comes across very clearly through her love of family. Papoose says Dejay took care of him while Remy was incarcerated, which is a touching reminder of their closeness as father and daughter. Dejay is Papoose’s protege and, as the eldest sibling, she’s expected to lead the way welcoming the new baby into the Mackie clan.

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    Jace is Remy’s first and only son, and if it were up to him, it would stay that way! As a recent high school graduate, Jace is living his best life. He drives a fast car, has his mother’s personality and aspires to follow Remy’s footsteps into the rap industry as a rapper or music producer. But his relationship with Remy wasn’t always so perfect. When Jace was just seven years old, Remy was incarcerated and Jace was raised mostly by his grandmother Amanda. He was 14 years old when Remy got out, and after some time rebuilding their relationship, he and Remy are closer than ever.

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    Lovable Papoose junior Shamele dances to the beat of his own drum. He adds humor to the Mackie clan, but don’t be fooled by his lighthearted nature, he’s brutally honest and doesn’t hold back from giving an opinion -- even if you didn’t ask for it! Papoose and Shamele are incredibly close, and as a result, Shamele has also turned into a sweetheart (just like his dad!). He is often the first one in the family trying to mediate and seek peace, and if there’s anyone who can keep the Mackie family laughing, crying and staying as tight-knit as possible, it’s definitely Shamele.