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    Bret Michaels

    Bret Michaels is a multi-platinum global superstar who has turned his passion for music into a multi-faceted brand that encompasses record breaking touring sales, reality TV stardom, legendary songs that have sold over 32 million records, and product endorsements as well as being a devoted philanthropist - all supported and followed by three generations of loyal fans.

    Bret Michaels was born in the small town of Butler, Pennsylvania on March 15, 1963. Rising to fame as the front man of Poison, one of rock’s most iconic and enduring bands, he helped define the rock-n-roll scene on the Sunset Strip. Their massive success includes selling over 30 million records worldwide and numerous hit singles. Equally as successful, Bret’s solo career has charted its own course with multiple solo albums.

    When this multi-talented performer is not touring he can be found both in front of and behind the camera as a director, producer, and a reality TV superstar. His first foray into reality TV brought the record-breaking Rock Of Love franchise to VH1 - one of the most successful shows in the network's history, shattering weekly rating records during its run. Following three successful seasons of the show, he teamed up with VH1 for the docu-series Life As I Know It. Bret has also starred in and won Donald Trump’s NBC hit, Celebrity Apprentice. Coming into the show as the underdog, his tenacity and business sense helped him win the series, raising well over $300,000 for Diabetes research.

    His talent, business acumen, and natural candor have solidified him as "a cultural touchdown" in the words of former Viacom CEO Judy McGrath, making him one of the most sought after performers, interviewers, and speakers across multiple platforms and keeping him on the road for the last few years for nearly over 300 live performances, speaking engagements, charitable concerts, and private engagements yearly.