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  1.   Rock Of Love | Episode 212 | Bonus Clips

    Check out these wild moments from Bret, Ambre and Daisy's stay in Mexico!

    Air Date: 4/13/08

  2.   Rock Of Love | Season 2 | Rockstar Moments

    Bret and the ladies are behaving badly! Check out these infamous rockstar moments!

    Air Date: 4/22/08

  3.   Rock Of Love | Episode 212 | Highlights

    It's the episode you've all been waiting for! Bret chooses either Daisy or Ambre as his leading lady. Watch!

    Air Date: 4/13/08

Full Episode Summary

Bret takes his final two girls south of the border to spend some quality, romantic time with each one before making his final choice. Guards come down and gloves come off as the girls open their hearts and fight for their man. One girl will be Bret's rock of love, the other will leave heartbroken.