1. Date: 4/20/08

    It's reunion time and Bret has gathered all of his ladies for one more night of bawling and brawling. See how the relationship between Bret and Ambre has survived.

  2. Date: 4/13/08

    Bret takes his final two girls south of the border to spend some quality, romantic time with each one before making his final choice.

  3. Date: 4/6/08

    Bret wants to know more about the three remaining girls, and what better way to get the 411 than moving their parents into the house!

  4. Date: 3/30/08

    Bret surprises the final four with a trip to Las Vegas. One girl's lies cause Bret to question her intentions. Bret invites a friend to stir things up between the remaining girls.

  5. Date: 3/23/08

    Bret shocks the girls by inviting their exes. Secrets are revealed, sparks fly, and mayhem ensues on the craziest day yet at the Rock of Love mansion.

  6. Date: 3/16/08

    With only six girls left in the house, tensions run high as Bret tests the girls' creativity by making them shoot, direct and edit their own music videos.

  7. Date: 3/2/08

    The remaining seven girls display their ability to rock an audience as they perform at a show for military veterans.

  8. Date: 2/24/08

    For the two women who have yet to win a date with Bret, Rodeo's Rocking Rodeo could be their last chance to make a connection.

  9. Date: 2/17/08

    The "Divine Nine" compete in the second annual Bret Michaels Mud Bowl! Bret's attention shifts from the former front-runner to an overlooked PYT.

  10. Date: 2/10/08

    One girl gets down and dirty, bringing her team both victory and a group date -- a pinup photo shoot. Two girls buckle under the pressure leaving Bret with a huge dilemma.

  11. Date: 1/27/08

    Bret needs a woman who's got those motherly instincts and what better way to find out than to put them in roller skates and hand them a stroller!

  12. Date: 1/20/08

    Fifteen girls better watch what they say...especially when they're on a dare. Meanwhile in the first ever Peep Show Contest, the girls all compete for a date with Bret.

  13. Date: 1/13/08

    Bret Michaels, lead singer of rock band Poison, is back looking for love, and this time he means it. Twenty more beautiful babes vie for his love and affection.