1. Ashley grew up sheltered in a small Minnesota town and went "wild" when she moved to Vegas. Her mother is her best friend because she is the most amazing person on earth. Ashley says that rock stars turn her on, and she loves guys that smell good.

  2. Singing, songwriting, and DJing are how thirty-one year old Brittany makes her living in Las Vegas. She has beat‐up a girl while on crutches. She once hired a transsexual to hit on her ex‐boyfriend...just for fun.

  3. Farrah says that friends describe her as bubbly, funny, caring, and of course, big breasted. Friends would also say that one of her worse qualities is dressing like a slut. She thinks that Bret should pick her because their personalities "fit."

  4. Claims to have had a boyfriend since the 3rd grade. She is thirty years old and grew up in Honolulu. An exotic dancer, Gia has said that no one intimidates her and in competitions "I always get what I want." She thinks Bret is gorgeous and talented and has been in love with him since the 4th grade.

  5. Heather is twenty-three and says that growing up in Vegas has made her more aware of the world, and less naive. Friends describe her as very positive, friendly, and down to earth. She is intimidated by really mean people.

  6. JamieJamie

    Jamie says she is the personal assistant to American Idol finalist Constantine. Naturally, she's a brunette, but has colored her hair black, and even pink. She claims that no one intimidates her, she's the one that intimidates others.

  7. JenniferJennifer

    Jennifer is a cheerleader by profession, and says that she has had a couple of knock down, drag out fights in her lifetime. She once peed herself on the way to class during finals because she had no time to stop. She dreams about being with Bret, and no matter how many girls are out there dreaming about him "I'm dreaming the hardest".

  8. Kelsey, a twenty-two year old hair stylist, is not intimidated by girls and hates to lose at anything. She claims that growing up in Utah has made her rebellious, and has motivated her to "see what else is out there." Says that performers and bad boy personalities turn her on.

  9. This Brazilian transplant moved to the United States when she was 16, and learned "all the good words" from "Ricki Lakey" and her talk show. She now lives in Las Vegas, where she works as a V.I.P. hostess. Marcia is into men who are fun, funny and horny. She enjoys hiking, spinning, pickles and eggs. Oh yeah, and tequila.

  10. At the age of 40, Maria claims her son's college friends are always hitting on her because she's a "hot mom." She says that it has been years since she has had sex.

  11. MindyMindy

    Says she didn't start drinking until she was 26 years old. Has an identical twin that appeared on Survivor. Says she was a band geek and an art nerd. Originally from Kentucky, she's now thirty-four and works in sales.

  12. Natasha is twenty-two and says she likes to wear lingerie as dresses. She enjoys dating older men because they are sweeter and more established. Natasha treats her dog "Tiny Teacup Yorkie" like he's her child -- the dog has his own bathroom, bed, etcetera.

  13. Samantha is thirty years old and works as a bartender in San Francisco. She says that growing up with little money has made her strong, hard-working, and street savvy. She's not worried about competition because she "usually always wins," and thinks Bret is fun, sexy, talented, kind, and witty.

  14. Taya is a centerfold model and claims she once set her hair on fire while performing a stage show with hot wax and candles. She is the smallest "cow tipping champion" in the Midwest. Her dad is a Rock 'n' Roller who toured around Ohio as a vocalist and lead guitarist.