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  1.   Rock Of Love | Season 3 | Best Moments

    Watch the craziest, sexiest and most hilarious moments from Rock of Love Bus and see Ashley, Farrah and all your favorite girls wreak havoc on the road.

    Air Date: 4/29/09

  2.   Rock Of Love | Episode 313 | Bonus Clips

    Find out who's rebounded, who's still in love with Bret and who thought he made the wrong choice in these extras from the reunion show!

    Air Date: 4/19/09

  3.   Rock Of Love | Season 3 | Rockstar Moments

    Catfights! Drunken debauchery! Smeared makeup! Stripping! Watch the best of the best from all three seasons!

    Air Date: 10/14/10

  4.   Rock Of Love | Episode 313 | Highlights

    Find out if Bret and Taya are still together and see what the other ladies have been up to!

    Air Date: 4/22/09

Full Episode Summary

It's been three months since Bret stood on the beach in Puerto Rico and made a very special girl his Rock of Love. Now she and the rest of the girls have gathered for the hottest reunion ever!

Together they'll relieve the alliances, betrayals, and drunken nights that made this season unforgettable and forever added the term "Blondtourage" to Bret's vocabulary!

Before it's all over, blows will be traded and one of the girls will make a tearful confession that might change her and Bret's future forever.

Don't you dare exit until the bus has come to a complete stop!