1. Nick, originally from 'down-under', describes himself as "The craziest, normal guy you'll ever meet." He originally moved to Los Angeles without a plan, but has high hopes to start his own bar in the next five years. In the meantime, Nick loves the...  Read More

  2. Robb is the cool, older brother and part-time therapist to his co-workers and customers. He is a serial dater -- a passionate and sensitive boyfriend who falls fast and hard. Robb is an adrenaline junkie who lives for the moment; an avid surfer,...  Read More

  3. Kameron is an outspoken party girl with a raspy voice and a quirky sense of humor. She is a hardcore good-time girl who's been working in bars since she was 18. Kameron has a tough exterior, but her feelings are easily hurt. She wears her heart on...  Read More

  4. Rachel is a beautiful inked up girl with a colorful attitude to match. Despite her "tough exterior", Rachel really is just a big softy -- but she doesn't want you to know that. Rachel loves to intimidate her co-workers with her tough East Coast...  Read More

  5. Taylor moved to LA with the financial backing of his stage parents and dreams of becoming an actor. He loves being Head Host, where he sets the stage for the customer experience. While he is nice to the guests, he plays favorites with some of...  Read More

  6. Cassie moved to LA to become a professional dancer. Since she's arrived she has gone blonde, dropped 25 lbs, and moved up a few cup sizes with some new breast implants. Cassie dates the bad boys with tattoos, but knows that they're no good for her....  Read More

  7. Nancee is an aspiring hair stylist who moved to LA on a whim. She is close friends with Taylor and Dave. Nancee prides herself on telling it like it is. Outspoken and temperamental, Nancee is a walking disaster-zone - she once had her car impounded...  Read More

  8. A shameless flirt, Dave is also a hard working, never quit guy with corn-fed Middle-America good looks. His good friends call him "Handsome Dave" and often joke that his pearly white smile belongs in toothpaste commercials. Usually a server at...  Read More

  9. Noah loves to perform -- sometimes as a professional dancer, sometimes doing his signature "Enrique Iglesias Bull Ride" at Saddle Ranch. He is always goofing off and enjoying life. At 17, Noah's dad moved to LA but he stayed in Chicago with his...  Read More

  10. Candy prides herself on her independent and vivacious spirit -- not to mention being the kick-ass General Manager at Saddle Ranch. Candy comes from a celebrity family and moved to Beverly Hills when her pop-star mom was being courted for movie roles...  Read More

  11. Originally from Beverly Hills -- a stones throw from Saddle Ranch- Alex bucks the trend that says everyone who lives in Los Angeles isn't actually from Los Angeles and that's not all that's surprising about this spirited Saddle Ranch server....  Read More