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  1.   Scott Baio Is 45...and Single | Episode 101 | Bonus Clips

    Check out bonus scenes and extended interview footage from the season premiere here on VSPOT!

    Air Date: 7/15/07

  2.   Scott Baio Is 45...and Single | Episode 101 | Highlights

    See the TV star try to figure out why he can't make a serious commitment! Check out the highlights!

    Air Date: 7/15/07

Full Episode Summary

In order to figure out why he has been unlucky in love for the past 45 years, Scott Baio hires a life coach named Doc Ali. She tells him to take a two-month vow of celibacy, break off his relationship with his current girlfriend, and revisit some of his ex-girlfriends to help him figure out where he went wrong in his past relationships. Sue Carlson, his first serious girlfriend, tells him he has commitment issues and is always looking for "the next best thing". Erin Moran, his "Happy Days" co-star and the girl he lost his virginity to, tells him he needs to face his fear of other people by joining her at an autograph signing.