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  1.   Scott Baio Is 45...and Single | Episode 103 | Bonus Clips

    See extended interviews with Nicole Eggert and Johnny V and more stripper footage that didn't make the show.

    Air Date: 7/29/07

  2.   Scott Baio Is 45...and Single | Episode 103 | Highlights

    Does Scott have a type and can he resist temptation when it's sits down in his lap(dance)? Watch and see.

    Air Date: 7/29/07

Full Episode Summary

Doc Ali confronts Scott about his tendency to only date busty blonde bombshells, then sends him off to a matchmaker service to help him find a woman he would be compatible with, regardless of her looks. Meanwhile, Scott's friends try to derail his quest to remain celibate by sending a stripper to his house. When Scott finally meets his so-called "perfect match" on a blind date, he learns that his natural instinct is to take even the perfect woman and nit-pick her to shreds.