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  1.   Scott Baio Is 45...and Single | Episode 106 | Bonus Clips

    See extended mud wrestling footage from the bachelor party and interviews with friends and lovers.

    Air Date: 8/19/07

  2.   Scott Baio Is 45...and Single | Episode 106 | Highlights

    Johnny V's bachelor party antics put Scott over the edge and push their friendship to the breaking point.

    Air Date: 8/19/07

Full Episode Summary

Doc Ali asks Scott for the opportunity to meet his friends, in order to see how they influence him. She discovers that Scott's friend Johnny is a detriment to his ability to prepare himself for a serious relationship and orders him to break off his friendship with Johnny. Meanwhile, Scott's friend Cuccio asks Scott to be the best man at his wedding. This leads to Scott planning a bachelor party for Cuccio, including a visit from the Morrell Twins, two Playboy Playmates that Scott and Cuccio dated together. Johnny's antics at the bachelor party upset Scott so much that he finally gets the nerve up to put his friendship with Johnny on hiatus.