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  1.   Scott Baio Is 46...and Pregnant | Episode 102 | Bonus Clips

    Scott and Renee move into their new house and stress follows. Check out these bonus scenes!

    Air Date: 1/20/08

  2.   Scott Baio Is 46...and Pregnant | Episode 102 | Highlights

    Will Scott get over his frustrations with Renee and become a supportive fiancé? Watch the highlights!

    Air Date: 1/20/08

Full Episode Summary

Scott and Renee start moving into their new house. When

Renee starts barking orders at Scott, he begins to feel some

apprehension about the whole sha-bang; Living with Renee, having the daughter, losing his freedoms. Still unpacking, Scott finds a box of Playboys he has tucked away, hidden. Coincidentally, each centerfold is a woman Scott has dated in the past. They represent his life of freedom, as opposed to this new life he is morbidly anticipating. When he discloses his anxieties in his Daddy's to be class, Scott is told to express his feelings and concerns directly with Renee. Ignoring this advice and cho0sing avoidance instead, Scott goes to a boxing gym with the guys, where he punches out a little aggression in the ring. The next day, he accepts an invitation from Johnny V., where he and Renee will be joining Johnny on a blind date. Though still aggravated with Renee, the date becomes a

way he can avoid being alone with her. When the night turns into a complete disaster because of Johnny V's antics, Scott seemingly feels better about his own situation...until the morning. By the next day, he is back in panic mode and decides he will embrace his inner Catholic and partake in a confession. Eventually, he ends up in a church where a Priest gives him some familiar advice: talk to Renee about all of his concerns. Scott heads home, debating whether or not he will ever be able to share his true feelings and fears with Renee. When prepping the nursery, Scott decides to unload all of his thoughts, right or wrong, onto Renee. Ironically, she tells him that he is being one-hundred percent normal. Feeling good about having Renee for a Fiance', Scott makes a b-line to the room where his secret Playboys are hidden, finds the box they are in, and throws

them away in the trash, symbolizing how he is putting his past behind him. But, of course, before he throws them away and retires them for good, he has to bid them a proper "farewell".