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  1.   Scott Baio Is 46...and Pregnant | Episode 104 | Bonus Clips

    Check out hilarious bonus scenes of Scott's Vegas "man shower"!

    Air Date: 2/10/08

  2.   Scott Baio Is 46...and Pregnant | Episode 104 | Highlights

    As financial worries begins to take their toll, Scott and the boys head to Vegas for a "man shower". Watch!

    Air Date: 2/10/08

Full Episode Summary

During a doctor's visit, Scott sees his daughter's face for the first time through a 4D ultrasound. With the overwhelming image of his daughter still in his mind, Scott attends his weekly Daddy's-to-be class; where he learns what it costs to raise a child through the age of 17. Not excited with the news, Scott decides to cut back on some expenses. Later, the budget-conscious Scott takes his entourage to play a round of golf, not at their usual fancy country club course, but at the local mini golf course.

While golfing, Scott's entourage learns of Renee's upcoming baby shower and decides to throw Scott a "man shower" in Vegas. Scott reluctantly agrees to go, but not before he meets the wedding planner Renee has hired. With the cost of his new daughter still on his mind, Scott butts heads with the wedding planner over cost issues. Eager to get out of town, Scott decides Vegas couldn't have come at a better time.

The gang arrives in Vegas, and as expected, Johnny V's plans prove to be one screw up after another. After drinking himself into a stupor, Scott drunkenly dismisses his previous goal of saving money, and decides to let $5k ride on one spin at the roulette table. After losing his money, Scott gets in a fight with Johnny V, then stumbles back to his hotel room. While drunk ichatting with Renee, Scott realizes it's not how much money a man makes that makes him a good father, but how much love he gives to his family.