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  1.   Scott Baio Is 46...and Pregnant | Episode 106 | Bonus Clips

    Want to see more of Scott and his baby nurse butting heads? He continues to freak out in these unaired extras!

    Air Date: 2/24/08

  2.   Scott Baio Is 46...and Pregnant | Episode 106 | Highlights

    Renee's baby nurse arrives and Scott struggles with another woman in the house. Watch the highlights here!

    Air Date: 2/24/08

Full Episode Summary

Baby Bailey has finally arrived, and Scott couldn't be any happier...or anymore unprepared, for that matter. Because of this, Renee hires an English baby nurse, to help around the house while she is recovering and to teach Scott a thing or two about raising a baby. Upon arrival, the baby nurse, Helen, immediately has a set of rules and regimens for Scott. She informs Scott she will be staying until he can handle things on his own.

Scott knows the longer Helen is in the house, the more she will annoy him. So, he decides to show her that not only can he be the most responsible father, but a bona-fide Superdad. The only problem is, he is critiqued through every step of the way. Scott finally blows his lid and subsequently causes a riff between he, Helen, Renee, and strangely, Johnny V.

Needing advice, Scott turns to Doc Ali, and surprisingly, she arrives to his home with Bill. Both give him solid guidance: Communicate. Scott must now figure out how to balance a nagging nanny, a newborn baby, all while dealing with complicated communication between everyone involved in a tangled web he wove himself into.