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  1.   Scott Baio Is 46...and Pregnant | Episode 107 | Bonus Clips

    The boys go racing, Scott visits a sperm bank, wedding plans are made and more in these hilarious extras!

    Air Date: 3/02/08

  2.   Scott Baio Is 46...and Pregnant | Episode 107 | Highlights

    Renee and Scott juggle a baby, wedding plans and leisure time! Will they drop the ball? Watch!

    Air Date: 3/02/08

Full Episode Summary

The routine of caring for a newborn baby, and the incessant wedding planning has really started to take it toll on Scott's mood. Looking for advice, he rejoins the Daddy's-to-Be class. During which, Scott explains that his life has changed, but he isn't sure if he likes the change yet. Heeding Bill's advice to "Lighten Up," Scott and the gang decide to throw a redneck theme party at the local racetrack. They each take a spin around the California Motor Speedway in 750 horse-power cars, but unfortunately, even this fails to break Scott from his gloomy mood. It isn't until later, when he coincidentally encounters Johnny V eating runny eggs at strip club in the middle of the day that Scott realizes just how blessed he is to have a beautiful daughter and fiancée in his life.