1. Date: 3/16/08

    Having relieved the wedding planner of his duties, Scott realizes just how hard it is to plan a wedding in one week.

  2. Date: 3/9/08

    Scott, now back in his Daddies To Be class, decides to embrace fatherhood and become more responsible.

  3. Date: 3/2/08

    The routine of caring for a newborn baby, and the incessant wedding planning has really started to take it toll on Scott's mood. Looking for advice, he rejoins the Daddy's-to-Be class.

  4. Date: 2/24/08

    Baby Bailey has finally arrived, and Scott couldn't be any happier...or anymore unprepared, for that matter. Because of this, Renee hires an English baby nurse, to help around the house while...Read Full Summary

  5. Date: 2/17/08

    As Renee's delivery date approaches, Scott's anxieties about becoming a father go from bad to worse. Feeling completely unprepared to become a parent, he quits his Daddies to be class, and...Read Full Summary

  6. Date: 2/10/08

    While golfing, Scott's entourage learns of Renee's upcoming baby shower and decides to throw Scott a "man shower" in Vegas. Scott reluctantly agrees to go, but not before he...Read Full Summary

  7. Date: 1/27/08

    After getting Renee's blessing, Scott jumps on a plane and heads off to New York. Scott meets up with his childhood best friend. Needless to say, Scott's first day in Brooklyn is...Read Full Summary

  8. Date: 1/20/08

    Scott and Renee start moving into their new house. When Renee starts barking orders at Scott, he begins to feel some apprehension about the whole sha-bang.

  9. Date: 1/13/08

    Scott takes Renee to Pecorino, the very same Italian restaurant where he told her that he had to stop seeing her last season. A magician interrupts their romantic dinner with a magic trick and...Read Full Summary