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  1.   Scream Queens | Episode 108 | Bonus Clips

    Check out bonus scenes from this week's final episode!

    Air Date: 12/08/08

  2.   Scream Queens | Episode 108 | Highlights

    Find out which of the final three remaining Scream Queens will win a role in 'Saw VI' in the season finale!

    Air Date: 12/08/08

Full Episode Summary

It's all come down to this. Seven weeks of battling through every imaginable horror scenario has pared the competition down to three actresses. Now they must put everything they've learned to the test in the most grueling, exhausting, and emotionally difficult challenge they've ever had to face: The Scream Queen gauntlet. The loser immediately gets "The Axe" and the remaining two face off in one final Director's Challenge that will determine which one has earned the breakout role in SAW IV and the title of ...SCREAM QUEEN.