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  108  Show Clips  Scream Queens | Episode 108 | Highlights 12/08/08 
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  107  Bonus Clips  Scream Queens | Episode 107 | Bonus Clips 12/01/08 
  107  Show Clips  Scream Queens | Episode 107 | Highlights 12/01/08 
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About Scream Queens | Season 1

"Scream Queens" will gather 10 unknown actresses who will vie for an unprecedented prize -- a break-out role in "Saw VI" from Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures. With the "Saw" franchise nearing 700 million dollars in worldwide revenue, this is a chance at stardom on an infinite stage.

The contestants will compete in a series of exacting challenges designed to prove they have the smarts, talent and strength to succeed. From working with bugs, gore and stunts to acting across from A-list talent, the girls will be put through an intense horror-acting boot camp.

The cast will be schooled and judged by a team of 3. James Gunn, writer/director/producer of such horror films as "Dawn of the Dead" and "Slither," will direct the girls during the show's many acting challenges; Shawnee Smith, star of the "Saw" franchise, will mentor them from the perspective of a real Scream Queen; and Hollywood's toughest acting coach, John Homa, will employ his ass-kicking style to force the women to fight their inner demons before they fight their on-screen demons.

Over the course of the series' eight one-hour episodes, those skilled and sexy enough to command the screen survive. Those who don't will "get the axe" until only one strong, seductive and stellar actress remains, earning the break-out role in "Saw VI" and the title of Scream Queen.