1. BenBen

    Erin's friend and confidante since their teenage years, Ben is a highly successful interior designer from Miami. He skied Aspen as a child, but rediscovered it only about five years ago when he returned to design a home for a client. Since then, Ben has been a highly visible addition to Aspen's social scene, in both winter and summer seasons. Ben is absolutely fearless and will say anything to anybody. He goes his own way when it comes to who he socializes with, and his choice of friendships can sometimes lead to friction and drama -- ultimately even threatening his oldest, closest friendship of all: Erin.

  2. BrookeBrooke

    Former beauty queen Brooke is the ultimate Aspen insider - she knows everybody and everybody knows her. Unfortunately, her intimate place in the "Aspen Tribe" comes at a price - in the form of ugly rumors around town about how she earns her money. But rumors aside, Brooke still considers Aspen "her town," and is an up and coming photographer. Brooke also loves to travel - although only in Aspen's off-season. Earlier in the year, Brooke stayed with Laura in California; that led to an ugly rift in their friendship - with Laura feeling that Brooke took advantage of her generosity, and Brooke thinking that Laura is using it as leverage in their relationship.

  3. ErinErin

    Miami born and bred, socialite Erin knows the South Beach scene inside and out. But in Aspen she's a fish out of water - literally wearing designer swimwear to go fly-fishing. Yet when it comes to Aspen society and nightlife, nothing holds Erin back - with her outgoing bubbly personality and her trademark laugh, she blazes her own trail in any social scene. Erin never looks back and could care less what anyone thinks of her, so it's inevitable that she makes waves in Aspen's tightly-knit high society this summer season - especially with her BFF Ben at her side.

  4. KatKat

    By day Kat massages pampered Aspenites; by night she mingles with them in Aspen's lively social scene. She also loves exploring her adventurous outdoorsy side on Aspen's mountain trails. Kat got her first taste of the high life in LA, as a flight attendant on private jets -- where she gave spa treatments at 30,000 feet. A winter visit to Aspen two years ago with her then boyfriend Alex turned into a love affair - with the city AND the guy. Unfortunately, her relationship with Alex ended in heartbreak - and while she still loves Aspen, its high cost of living has her scrambling between multiple jobs to make ends meet - even though she shares expenses with her roommate Star. Reluctantly, Kat has given herself one last summer to meet Mr. Right before leaving Aspen for good.

  5. LauraLaura

    Aspen's social scene is a hive of scandal and intrigue - and Laura is definitely the Queen Bee. She may spend the off-season in Newport Beach, California, but when Aspen's in season, Laura's in town -- shaking things up and making friends and enemies in equal numbers. This season she's back in town with big plans to launch a skiwear line. Twice divorced, Laura is the proud mother of three overachieving daughters, but "mom" isn't the first thing you think of the first time you lay eyes on this stunning beauty. When Laura sets her sights on anything - from another woman's man to a business opportunity -- heaven help anyone who gets in her way.

  6. ShanaShana

    Confident and beautiful, Shana is the Aspen veteran in our group. She's been an Aspenite for 18 years and is plugged in all over town; she's definitely part of the town's "upper crust," and she's no fan of Laura, who she sees as an opportunistic newcomer. Shana's known for her no-nonsense style; she calls it like she sees it, no matter whose toes she steps on. To her female friends, like Kat and Brooke, Shana's a mother hen; but when it comes to younger single men - her picture could appear in the dictionary under "cougar." She's a successful businesswoman in the diamond jewelry business, with clients all over the country. Shana loves her life -- and loves Aspen.

  7. StarStar

    Star is newly single - and loving it. A San Francisco native, she came to Aspen with her then-husband and, like so many others, found herself losing the guy but keeping the town. Star is a woman of strong appetites and isn't shy about going after any guy she finds attractive. Like Kat, she loves the outdoorsy aspects of Aspen - and also like Kat, she finds it a struggle to afford the Aspen high life, so it's only logical that these two single girls wound up as apartment mates. However, Star's never afraid to dish out advice, even when Kat doesn't necessarily want to hear it - and the tensions between the two roommates can make for some serious fireworks.