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    Air Date: 11/08/09

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    Air Date: 11/08/09

Full Episode Summary

Dr. Drew and Jill begin treatment by trying to find out a little bit of the patients' backgrounds. Most sex addicts suffered severe emotional, physical or sexual abuse while they were growing up, and our patients are no different. Duncan and Kendra both reveal a little bit about their own past abuse during group. Outside of the therapy sessions, Phil finds himself developing a huge crush on Amber. Kari Ann is still demanding to go home. When she asks for her cell phone to get her manager's number in order to call him, she places the call on the house phone and starts texting on her cell phone, breaking rehab rules. When Selma asks her to stop texting, Kari Ann gets in a screaming fight with her, tells her manager to pick her up immediately, and begins packing to go home.