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  1.   Episode 5

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    Air Date: 11/30/09

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    Air Date: 11/30/09

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    Air Date: 11/29/09

Full Episode Summary

Well into the treatment process, the patients are having a difficult time as they are finally taking a look at their lives and how they have affected the ones they love. Because the women have all been sexually abused or raped, and have never really dealt with the emotions involved, Drew sends them to Children of the Night, where they design t-shirts showing what they've gone through. Later, Drew has Duncan see Dr. Sealey to start exploring his issues with men. Drew and Jill meet with Kari Ann to get a little deeper into her past abuse. Jenny reveals to Kendra and Duncan that James told her he wants to "rape the s***" out of her. The next morning at group, emotions run high as the subject is brought up.