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  1. Val appears strong but her confident exterior masks many of her insecurities. She's actually quite sensitive and wears her emotions on her sleeve. She tries to see the good in everyone, which makes her put up with more than she should. In her...  Read More

  2. Keisha is sexy, funny, extremely confident and resourceful. She's often misunderstood as being insensitive because of her bluntness. But underneath is a very caring person who just truly believes people need to be told the truth. She has a lot...  Read More

  3. April is smart and sweet but also rebellious. She's only ever dated black men. For seven years, she's been married to Darryl Jenkins, ten years her senior, whom her friends consider to be the perfect black man. He's an Ivy League-educated and...  Read More

  4. Christina is a gorgeous, rebellious wild child and party girl. She rides a motorcycle -- this chick is hot and cool and loves to date different men. She is on scholarship to the Fashion & Art Institute in Atlanta and is having a great time...  Read More

  5. Malcolm is considered one of Atlanta's most eligible bachelors. He loves the ladies, and the ladies love him. He's handsome with Diddy-like swagger, confidence and style of dress - but he has Will Smith charm. In short, he's HOT and it doesn't hurt...  Read More