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  1. Keisha comes face to face with a stalker and is subsequently forced to make a difficult...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Keisha's relationship with Sean is threatened when Malcolm asks for her help with a problematic situation. Raquel thinks her breakup with Charles must have been fate when Antonio reappears in her life....  Read Full Summary »


  3. Keisha's doubts about Sean disappear when he comes to her rescue after she's victimized....  Read Full Summary »


Songs From The Show

    1. Episode 14
    1. Haley Reinhart  "Hit The Ground Runnin'"

    1. Emeli Sande  "Lifetime"

    1. Episode 13

    1. Tinashe  "Boss"

    1. Episode 10

    1. JMSN  "Love & Pain"

About Single Ladies 2

  1. "Single Ladies" is a romantic comedy series about Keisha, Raquel and April - best friends with different philosophies on love, sex and relationships, proving not all women have the same desires. Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy) is a former video dancer who believes in making her own luck, her own money and choosing men with her head instead of her heart. April (Charity Shea,) had found the "perfect" man for the "ideal" marriage - but is learning that marriage does not always mean happily ever after. Season 2 will introduce Raquel (Denise Vasi) a sophisticated business woman coming into her own and calling the shots. "Single Ladies" is a modern, sexy series set in the world of Atlanta fashion, music, and celebrity that explores women's different approaches to relationships.

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