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  1.   Shooting Sizemore: Holy Quit

    Tom adjusts to living sober and jumps back into acting. Check out what happens on this week's full episode!

    Air Date: 1/15/07

  2.   Shooting Sizemore: Episode 2 After-Show

    Check out these extras and roundtable discussions with the producers about Tom's crazy behavior!

    Air Date: 1/14/07

Full Episode Summary

We are taken to the Montreal set of the ironically titled "Bottom Feeder", the low budget horror flick Tom has agreed to star in as his first project out of rehab. The demands of acting sober and Byron's constant, irritating presence prove too much for Tom. He fires Byron and experiences a nervous breakdown on the set, threatening to walk off the film and quit acting altogether--an act which would put the final nail in his battered career.