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  1.   Shooting Sizemore: Manic Panic

    Tom is ready to go back to work but legal troubles have him worried all the time. Check out what happens!

    Air Date: 1/22/07

  2.   Shooting Sizemore: Episode 3 After-Show

    Check out the producers in this week's roundtable discussion about Luree, Tom's personal assistant!

    Air Date: 1/21/07

Full Episode Summary

With a huge effort, Tom manages to pull himself out of his depression and returns to the movie set. In his downtime, Luree tries to cheer him up by taking him golfing. Tom's new sober companion, Scott, begins to get under his skin, and Tom and Luree ditch him the next day. However, fun is fleeting as Tom is moody and unstable and begins to obsess about his legal woes, falling into another depression fueled by his fear of the possibility of going to jail.