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  1.   Shooting Sizemore: One Small Step

    Check out the full episode to see Tom relax in Canada then return to LA where he makes a choice that may be fatal.

    Air Date: 1/29/07

  2.   Shooting Sizemore: Episode 4 After-Show

    Take a look at these extras to hear how the producers dealt with Tom on "The Day of Code Blue."

    Air Date: 1/28/07

Full Episode Summary

In Montréal, Tom calls his ex-girlfriend in an attempt to retrieve his car that she used while he was in rehab. Tom's home video footage retraces their tumultuous relationship, and Tom's pain and longing for her is evident. Tom shoots his final scene in the movie, and when the director calls a picture wrap, Tom is overcome with emotion as the film crew cheers for him. Upon returning to Los Angeles, Tom agrees to a dinner meeting with a book agent. Nervous about the meeting, Tom drinks alcohol, while on prescription meds, and arrives incoherent and falling-down drunk. Episode ends on a suspenseful note as Tom lies helpless on the sidewalk in front of a well-known LA restaurant and a panicked Luree tries frantically to help him.