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  1.   Shooting Sizemore: Stumbling

    See why Tom's behavior has his people wondering if he fell off the wagon which could land him in prison.

    Air Date: 2/12/07

  2.   Shooting Sizemore: Episode 5 After-Show

    Learn from the show producers why Tom wasn't the easiest person to interview in a roundtable discussion.

    Air Date: 2/11/07

Full Episode Summary

Luree manages to get a nearly comatose Tom back to the safety of a hotel room, and Tom awakes the next day to find his face battered from his fall. To top it off, Tom has a parole meeting, complete with drug test, that very morning. Humiliated and frightened, Tom vows to pull it together once again and makes amends to the book agent over dinner, where they agree to publish Tom's autobiography.