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  1.   Shooting Sizemore | Episode 106 | Bonus Clips

    Take a look at these extras where the producers discuss the last days of "Shooting Sizemore."

    Air Date: 2/18/07

  2.   Shooting Sizemore | Episode 106 | Highlights

    Tom has made huge improvements and is looking to keep moving forward. Check out the season finale!

    Air Date: 2/19/07

Full Episode Summary

Tom decides to move into a friends' guest room in an effort to begin saving up his money. He suddenly gets a hankering to run around downtown Los Angeles and re-live the experience of filming 'Heat' with Robert De Niro and Val Kilmer. In the process of reminiscing, he beings to re-live his sordid past, and how he alienated the Director Michael Mann. Nevertheless, life appears to be brightening up for Tom, as he gets lead in a good film, makes amends with old colleagues, and gets invited to an Emmy party...his first Hollywood event in over three years.