Ep Type Title Date
  106  Show Clips  Shooting Sizemore: The End of the Beginning 2/19/07 
  101  Bonus Clips  Shooting Sizemore: Exclusive Q&A - Pt. 2 2/18/07 
  106  Bonus Clips  Shooting Sizemore: Episode 6 Extras 2/18/07 
  105  Show Clips  Shooting Sizemore: Stumbling 2/12/07 
  105  Show Clips  Shooting Sizemore: Episode 5 After-Show 2/11/07 

About Shooting Sizemore

For last 15 years, Tom Sizemore has led an A-List life, acting in critically-acclaimed films with top directors such as Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, and Ridley Scott. Tom enjoyed red-carpet respect everywhere he went, and his enormous success bought him a Hollywood Hills mansion and access to non--stop wild parties filled with Hollywood's hottest. But underneath the A-list glamour, Tom's life was combusting into a scandal-ridden and narcotic-riddled fireball.

Tom hit rock bottom when his methamphetamine and heroin addiction led to a burnout bankruptcy. Within a matter of months he lost his cherished mansion and was slapped with a battery charge filed by his former girlfriend "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss (a charge Tom vehemently denies). His ensuing unpredictable, chaotic behavior made him too risky to cast for Hollywood filmmakers. Virtually unemployable and off the radar, Tom began to film himself night and day, using a small handheld camera.

With unfettered access, we follow Tom and his small remaining entourage, including Luree, Tom's jaded but fiercely loyal personal assistant, and Byron, a clingy and despised "sober companion." Tom tries to put his life back together as he exits rehab, faces a hardnosed prosecutor eager to put him away for battery, and takes a job in an ultra low-budget Canadian horror movie--his first sober acting gig in years. Interspersed in the documentary footage are pointed, judicious flashbacks of Tom's own never-before-seen personal footage spanning the last few years -- filming himself on drugs, succumbing to bouts of terrifying paranoia and rage. This black-and-white, grainy handheld footage is a searingly voyeuristic look into Tom Sizemore's innermost thoughts and fears, giving the viewer a graphic visual depiction of his drug-fueled downfall.

As each setback and challenge unfolds onscreen, you will come to know a man who has a forceful determination to live again. He is a man on a mission to be accepted by his peers while he attempts to climb back to the upper echelon of his craft. Most importantly, you will be witness to all the anguish, doubts, arguments, outbursts, and blunt, honest self-reflection it takes for a celebrity to kick addiction and get their life back on track.