1. Tori SpellingTori Spelling

    She spent her childhood on the sets of some of our most beloved television shows, and a decade playing "Donna Martin" on "Beverly Hills 90210." Now she's moved out of her parent's gargantuan manor and lives in a high rise condominium. While being both encouraged and distracted by a close-knit group of friends, Tori slogs through parts on TV movies, tries to meet a normal guy, and struggles to get out from under her sometimes-burdensome family legacy and tabloid notoriety.

  2. JANEY (Brennan Hesser)JANEY (Brennan Hesser)

    Tori's best friend since high school. Sharp witted and painfully blunt, she's fiercely protective of Tori, but she also calls her out on everything.

  3. SASAN (Zachary Quinto)SASAN (Zachary Quinto)

    Tori's other best friend since high school, he adores Tori and is very invested in her success. Sasan is tortured by his traditional, uber-bourgeois Iranian parents, who are in denial that he's gay.

  4. PETE (James Carpinello)PETE (James Carpinello)

    Tori's roommate, who's "just staying with her until he finishes med school," Pete is a partier who's always on the make.

  5. KIKI (Loni Anderson)KIKI (Loni Anderson)

    Tori's mother, Kiki is a polished beauty who enjoys her status as Hollywood royalty. Deep down, Kiki and Tori love each other, but it's buried beneath layers of miscommunication and denial.

  6. NANNY (Cleo King)NANNY (Cleo King)

    Nanny raised Tori and thinks of her as her own daughter. She still lives in the Spelling mansion, where she manages Kiki's imperiousness with aplomb.

  7. RUTHIE ROSE (Jeannetta Arnette)RUTHIE ROSE (Jeannetta Arnette)

    Tori's devoted manager. Very histrionic and often sidetracked by her own capricious whims, she is nevertheless a reassuring presence in Tori's life who is always fussing over Tori and showering her with praise.